Sunday, September 4, 2016

Club Clio VF21 Hydra Cotton Pact in 02 Natural Beige Review

Dear u/lpark000, thank you so much for posting that PSA on the Club Clio sample sale in NYC! My boyfriend and I live around 2 hours from Manhattan and we decided to plan a trek with my family to eat at our favorite food stops. If you hadn't posted that PSA, my mom and I never would have known to stop by and grab a haul :)

Price: $40 on official US website
  • Non-drying & moisture locking powder compact
  • Provides full & natural coverage
  • All-in-1 total powder compact for quick and easy makeup
  • SPF 35 PA+++ (but we all know that ain't enough)
Talc, mica (CI 77019), Titanium Dioxide (CI 77819), Silica, the chilhek silme methoxy cinnamate, nylon-12, zinc oxide (CI 77947), hit a tree on the HEX elderly, dimethicone, H. DI / year methyl tree hexyl lactone cross polymer, cotton (7.4PPM), rosehip fruit oil, African walnut oil, add kiwi chumul tomato fruit / leaf / stem Chu chumul, Western rapeseed sprouts extract, jailri tubs, dim wood gum extract, gamguk flower extract, green tea extract, lemon extract bamip, rooibos extract, thyme extract line, jasmine extract, rosemary extract, dusong bud extract, Goji extract

This product comes in two colors, 01 Pink Beige and 02 Natural Beige. I suspect pink beige is for those who have cool undertones while natural is for those with warm undertones. Natural is considered to be for medium ranged tones and is the one with the most natural color & finish between the two. 

There is no fragrance to this product unless you really put your nose up to the compact and sniff the shit out of it. The smell is a generic faint powder scent that smells nonexistent on skin.

The packaging feels light and good quality. Despite it being plastic, I'd compare it to the packaging of high-end US makeup products such as Estee Lauder or Lancome. The pact comes with a little puff which is nothing special or luxurious. It feels quite similar to a flat, dry beautyblender.

The formula is very buildable, has a super soft silky finish, and feels weightless. I used black eyeliner to simulate dark spots, brown and blue/grey to simulate under eye bags, and pink to simulate blemishes or redness. On the left of the above photo is no makeup while the right has several layers of the pact. The coverage is light to medium, depending on how much you apply. 

I really like what this pact did on my slight redness! My right cheek without makeup is relatively smooth with visible pores and a little redness. Applying a bit of powder on top makes smooth skin look even and matte. My cheek also feels SUPER soft...I couldn't stop touching my skin after I applied this.

However, this product doesn't do so great on uneven areas. My nose is relatively smooth and bb cream applies fine on it, but this powder literally clung onto every single bump on my skin. It looks super cakey the moment it touches your skin on little peach fuzz, rough areas, and dry patches. 

I was so shocked at how horrible this powder looked that I instantly went to the computer to document an angry, disappointed review. 15 minutes later, I glanced at the mirror ready to describe how cakey it looked when I thought, "Wait. This isn't too bad." 

I thought I was imagining things so I applied the powder to another area (which of course came out rough and cakey at first) and waited patiently for 15 minutes to elapse. I was skeptical and thought that I had unconsciously rubbed the product off while writing so I made sure to keep my face untouched.  

After 15 minutes, I checked my face again and voila! The rough texture had subsided. While it isn't as smooth as I would've liked, it's a WHOLE LOT better than what it used to look like. Keep in mind that I took these photos under white fluorescent lighting so this is as exposed as my skin is gonna get. 

The powder actually looks more natural and less cakey as the day goes on. It seems like the coverage decreased and the cakiness subsided so it pretty much just faded away. On the bright side, I was not oily for the entire day so that's good.

Overall, this product is okay for those with completely smooth skin and would like light coverage, oil control, and a matte finish. Despite it being medium to full coverage in the beginning, this powder is not long lasting and fades into light coverage over time. As for me, I am not repurchasing this any time soon. It emphasized all my textural flaws and irritated my dry flakes rather than locking in moisture. If you're going to be mainly under indoor or dim lighting, then don't worry. Your skin will look super velvety and flawless. That's great and all but...I'd prefer to look flawless everywhere, in any lighting thanks.

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