Friday, December 26, 2014

Boston Trip (Pic-Heavy)

So I took a trip to Boston back in April, but I didn't have the chance to upload the photos I took until now. I don't remember much about my trip but I'll try to recollect everything I can ; n ;

My family and I went to Boston to follow my dad who needed to go there to attend a convention for math/science teachers. The trip was essentially free because the board payed for all the teachers attending so we could travel pretty much carefree <3

Day 1:
We stayed at the Seaport hotel. It was pretty fancy and I'm glad the math/science teachers' organization (?) picked it for the teachers to stay at.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sponsored Review (Jolse): MISSHA Pore Clear Cleansing Brush

Hey guys!
It certainly has been a while...;; I apologize for my spontaneous hiatus; it really wasn't planned or anything. The past year has been really hectic...juggling school and violin is already a challenge for me so blogging regularly on top of that was just unrealistic. I'm currently on winter break so hopefully I will get a few posts in (before I disappear again..?).
Do any of you even remember me ; - ; ? I really did miss my readers and blogging...but putting that aside, how is everyone's winter break? I hope you're enjoy this beautiful holiday season with your friends and family :)

Alright, onto the review portion of this post!!
Today I'll be reviewing the MISSHA Pore Clear Cleansing Brush sponsored by Jolse

I'm really ashamed to say this, but this review is over a year orz; I'm actually terrible. Like I mentioned above, school and violin has been devouring my time (but I guess that really shouldn't be an excuse for me being so incompetent in keeping up with my sponsors) so I couldn't really get to my blog and reviewing things until now. Thank you to all my sponsors for being so tolerant with  me! If you've read my previous reviews on products from Jolse (here and here), then you'll know how much I adored this site.
I'm happy to say that Jolse is still the amazing site it was in the past, and even better! The site really has changed since I've last seen it but it still has so many sales, discounts, and free samples available to its customers. Please do check it out!