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Review: ROHTO Lycée Eye Drops (for contact lens)

Hello everyone!
Today I will be reviewing ROHTO's Lycée Eye Drops (for contact lens).

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ROHTO is really famous for their burning cooling effect eye drops, and I was really curious so I went ahead and bought one! I believe the strongest eye drop from ROHTO is Z!, and the least strongest is the Lycée.
I first heard about ROHTO from one of my favorite blogs, ekiBlog

Nozomi Sasaki is the spokesperson for these eye drops. Isn't the commercial really cute? ♥

Cheapest at $11 on eBay

♥ Cute packaging
♥ Smells like roses
♥ Soothes irritation
♥ Re-moistens eyes
♥ Includes Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, and Potassium L (which are all healthy for your eyes!)
♥ Refreshes eyes (may be a con because some users think it burns, but the "burn" is followed by a cool minty feeling)

★ Small (may be a pro because it's easy to carry)
★ A tiny bit pricey

Active Ingredients:
Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 0.5%
Potassium Chloride 0.08%
Sodium Chloride 0.44%
Sodium Bicarbonate 0.05%
Hydroxyethylcellulose 0.02%

The packaging is a 3.5 x 3.5 x 1 cm square which contains 8 mL of fluid.

Close-up of the nozzle (sorry it's bad quality, my camera wouldn't focus...)
I personally love this packaging! It's a really pretty pink color with loads of sparkles and glitter.
Even the box is pretty. It has some sort of reflective aluminum thing that makes it shiny when it's under certain light LOL ; u ; 

The back of the box
I can't read Japanese (other than Hiragana, but knowing just Hiragana isn't helpful ;;) so I apologize that I cannot translate any of this...

In the box, there you have your eye drops in a small plastic bag so that it can't be tampered with. You also have a sheet of information in Japanese.

Front side of paper
Back side of paper
As you can see in the front side of the paper, there is some instruction on how to open and close your eye drops. You twist the cap counter-clockwise to open it, and simply push the cap down to close it. You can also see that the application for these eye drops are quite unique as any angle of application will always result in the eye drop traveling downwards. (Instead of it squirting around in random directions like other brands.)

The back side of the paper includes contact information for ROHTO as well as a list of ingredients (I'm guessing, by the percentages and such.) I don't know what the rest of the information on the front and back side are > n <;;

You use these eye drops like any other eye drops. Shake the bottle well and squeeze 1-2 drops onto your eye, while not using them more than 5-6 times per day.

After squeezing in one drop of the Lycée eye drops, my eyes were white and awake in only two minutes!! You might not see a dramatic difference from the pictures, but there was a really huge difference in real life.

Overall, I give ROHTO's Lycée Eye Drops a: ★★★★☆ 4/5 stars!

To be honest, I was a tiny bit disappointed when I first received my package. For some reason, I always imagined the bottle to be a bit bigger, instead of it being really tiny. I was also disappointed that it smelled like roses, instead of a lychee fruit which I mistakenly imagined it to be LOL orz;; (I mean, it's called "Lycée"  and the packaging it pink!!) But after my first use, I instantly fell in love with it! These eye drops are really amazing because they reduce the redness of my eyes a lot. I also really like the cooling sensation it brings which re-moistens while relaxes my tired eyes.

Before purchasing the Lycée eye drops, I seldom used other eye drops. I thought that my tired, dry eyes were considered normal with the use of contact lenses. However, I don't think I'll ever go back to not using eye drops now that I've used the Lycée ones > u <. I recommend them to all contact lens wearers!! (Though  it might interest mostly girls because of the packaging L-LOL...)

For non-contact lens users, there is also a version of the Lycée eye drops that are meant for non-contact lens users for the same price. I haven't seen them before, but I believe it is a dark pink color in comparison to the light pink color meant for contact lens users. But if I were someone who doesn't wear contact lenses, and is looking for eye drops, then I'd buy ROHTO's Z!, which is a lot more effective than ROHTO's Lycée.

I know I said in my post two posts ago, that my next post would be the OST C20 Serum (am I confusing you yet? haha~), but I haven't received it yet. Look forward to it soon!

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That's it for now. Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day ♥ xoxo


  1. I've always wondered why the Lycee eyedrop was so popular!! It's so cute *_* thanks for the lovely review!

  2. Wow sweetie I really want try this eyedrops because I heard many good things about this product!

  3. Fräulein SchneeJune 1, 2013 at 4:20 PM

    I ordered these eyedrops too, but they didn't arrive yet ~_~...I'm really excited to try them now. Btw I heard about them first time on ekisblog , too :D

  4. The packaging is absolutely darling! ^^ They seem to be effective too. Mine are on the way *excited* hehe thanks for the review!

  5. It's really whitens! Too bad it's so small~

  6. Wow! That's some intense effect! o: I've heard a LOT about these eye drops, but I keep putting off ordering them even though I need eye drops for my contacts. *A*

    I need to order this soon! *A* Thank you for the review~

  7. Lol the packaging is a bit odd but i like it! I wear contacts almost daily so this may be useful!

  8. Yup!! Thank you for reading <3

  9. Aw, make sure to tell us what you think about the Lycee drops, too when you get them!! Thank you for reading~

  10. I know right!! They're so cute that I kept showing them off to my friends, and they were like "wtf calm down, they're just eye drops" haha > u < Thank you for reading~

  11. Yeah!! It makes my eyeballs blueish L-LOL;; (Which is a good thing I suppose? ;o) Even though it's small, I think it's worth the buy c: Thank you for reading!!

  12. Aw >: Order them soon LOL > u < I personally think eye drops are essential, especially if you wear circle lenses often! Thank you for reading~

  13. Yes, the packaging is different, but that's what makes it cute c: Especially the glittery design * o * Thank you for reading!!~

  14. With Love, TiffanyJune 1, 2013 at 9:04 PM

    Your eyes turned so clear! I'm a bit disappointed to read that it doesn't smell like lychee either though because that's what I initially thought too. But the packaging is super cute, thanks for the review :D

  15. Wow that looks amazing! I wear contacts too, and I always have those blood vessels in the mornings. D: I never tired an eye drop before cause I didn't know if they were safe to use, haha. But I really want to try this now :D
    Thanks for the review GaEul!

  16. I wear contacts, but not so much circle lenses. *A* My contacts get so dry though, and it blurs my vision! ;u;
    Definitely looking to buy this then! c: Which seller did you buy it from, on ebay?

  17. I have these and I used them so much I ran out within like a month hahaha...I love these :) I want to try the eye wash next!

  18. This is nice. I want to try them too. Your eyes looks fresh and not tired looking after application of the eye drop.

  19. Nabilah IsmailjeeJune 2, 2013 at 5:34 AM

    OMG that is amazing! I need this thing in my life!

  20. I've used this thing for two years now and it really is a saviour ! ♥ Especially when your eyes are so tired at morning that using lenses makes them super irritated D:

  21. great review~! ^^ looking forward to your upcoming ones~!


  22. Aww~ It's alright. c: I'm sure I can find another seller. Thanks anyway! c:

  23. Fräulein SchneeJune 3, 2013 at 2:14 AM

    Sure, I'll do :D

  24. Omg so pretty and sparkly! *_* Might be consider purchasing this ^^ I'm staring to get irritated eyes cause I think I over wear my lenses once :c

  25. Yeah, I know right!! And remember to remove lenses after 6-8 hours of wear~ Thank you for reading <3

  26. Very pretty lenses =) Need new lenses for my costumed birthday party so these looks just right =) Thank you for the amazing review :3

    Love your blog <3

  27. Wha-- this is an eye drops review, and I wasn't even wearing circle lenses in my photo...

  28. I want to try these so bad!! but the price is a bit too high for something so small that a clutz like me can easily loose lol. Hope to try this someday. Thanks for sharing ^-^

    hope you stop by~

  29. LOL maybe keep it in your makeup bag at all times? It's small enough for you to do so~ Thank you for reading <3

  30. Just stumbled onto your blog and I just want to say thanks for the helpful review~ :D
    Been wanting to try these for a while now~! Heard they are extremely good!!

    -Miss Sennnaa

  31. Aw, you're welcome lol ; u ; Thank you for reading!! <3

  32. So you can put in the eye drops while wearing contacts?

  33. Yes, you can. You can also put in the eye drops without lenses, if you'd like. Thank you for reading!

  34. Good review!! I like your blog it's very cute. Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' and gfc??? Leave a comment to let me know and I will follow you right away =^-^=
    My Blog

    - Kat

  35. Aw, thank you very much <3 I'd like to see your blog, first though ;o Thank you for reading!

  36. I have try this baby too, look so good and I love it
    the product made in Japan ^^

  37. Ooh, glad you like it too! Japanese products are always awesome, aren't they ; u ; Thank you for reading~

  38. That's such a good review, thanks~ Also, can you use this while using your contact lenses? lol

  39. Yes, you can use it with contact lenses in c: Thank you for reading!

  40. Very amazing review it is! I loved this product. Could you tell something more about the same please?

  41. Aw thank you! <3 I don't understand your question, though... sorry ; n ;

  42. After opening, how long can I use it? :/