Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

Hello sweets!

(I hate seeing thumbnails for blog posts without pictures and I didn't know what to put so enjoy this really cute gif I found off tumblr LMAO.)

Sorry for not updating with more beauty product reviews ; n ; I'm currently waiting for packages to arrive, so once they arrive I'll be sure to update you guys! Also, I know I have two giveaway going on at the moment (please check them out here and here!), but I'll be having another giveaway soon, sponsored by 2cutestationery! I'll be talking more about them later on, 2cutestationery is basically an online store that has a huge variety of cute Asian stationery! Please check them out when you have the time ♥

I was tagged to do the Beauty Blogger Tag by the super cute Chee and Mindy! Please check out their blogs and their posts here and here. I was also nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award which I've already done here by Mindy (again LOL), Ashley, and Monica. Also, check out Ashley's post here and Monica's post here

Because I've already done the post for The Versatile Blogger Award, I don't plan on doing it again ;; But! I'm very grateful that these girls have nominated me, so the least I can do is thank them and link you guys to their blog > u < Thank you again~ ♥

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★ 1Q.Name a beauty regime that you rarely do?
A: I have a whole buttload of face sheet masks, but I rarely use them LMAO. I'd like to them at least twice a week, but it's more like twice a year...
★ 2Q. Is washing your makeup brushes something you do regularly?
A: I don't even wear makeup on a daily basis, much less own any brushes ; u ; 
★ 3Q. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
A: I'm not allowed to wear nail polish, but I occasionally wear a light pink or clear nail polish just so my nails look a bit healthier. Since the color isn't too noticeable, I just leave it until it completely chips off or my nails grow out LOL.
★ 4Q. How long do you put off buying/replacing a beauty or nail polish product even if you need it? (i.e purchasing a new topcoat, or a new foundation etc.)
A: I'm always always buying new skincare products LOL But when it comes to makeup or other things, I only buy it when I run out or if I need a new variety. Say I have one lippie in coral. Although I just purchased it, if another lippie in another color appealed to me, I'd buy it. I wouldn't buy another coral lippie, though.
★ 5Q. What is your worst beauty habit?
A: Picking/popping my pimples! Yeah, it's gross, but something is so satisfying about emptying out the pus (sorry if you have a weak stomach LOL). It just feels like my skin is a bit cleaner (albeit bloodier) afterwards.
★ 6Q. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
A: Schoolwork, singing covers, diet, cleaning up my room. Pretty much everything-- I'm a huge procrastinator >:
★ 7Q. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready until the last minute or not?
A: I hate spontaneously going out. Sometimes, my parents say "Hey, we're going to the beach right now. Get ready within 30 minutes." Like you never informed me of this?! How do you expect me to take a shower, pick out clothes, put on lotion, and do my hair in under 30 minutes? I need at least 1-2 hours to get ready, and I don't really like to sit around the house waiting before I go out. Like if I'm waiting under 30 minutes, it's alright. But if not, it feels like my makeup (if I have any) is sliding off my face and my hair is drooping haha > u < (Even when it's not hot and humid). 
★ 8Q. Can you commit to spending bans?
A: Uh, what's a ban...banner? If ban= banner, then no LOL. I'm just a high school student with no job >:
★ 9Q. How organised is your makeup and nail polish collection?
A: Since I rarely use makeup and I'm not allowed to use nail polish, I don't have much of a collection. My "makeup" is just a handful of BB creams and concealers since my skin is in gross teenager condition. 
★ 10Q. What is the longest amount of time you have gone without writing a blog post?
A: 17 days...yikes! It's not like I don't "blog" though. I have a LOT of drafts, and I check my blog feed/comments everyday ; u ; 

I know you guys are bored when you read this considering the fact that my award posts have a lot less views and comments than my other posts = _ = But it's okay...I don't blame you orz;;

It seems like I tag the same exact group of people when I need to tag bloggers, so I'll be tagging the people who happen to be reading this~

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! xoxo


  1. Wow you're so pure *idk id you understand* you can't paint your nails? o.o well, I can but the only color I can't is black and that's we are appromax. 2 years apart. It's so interesting about you :) i hate also whwn suddenly someone tell me to get ready because most of time I look like hobo lol

  2. LOL what how am I pure qq And LOL what's wrong with black? ;o I mean, it does give you a darker impression on people but it's not bad > u < and LOL I'm sure you don't look like a hobo ;o you're very pretty you know ; u ; Thanks for reading!

  3. hey i was wondering did you make your own pages bar at the top with the banner? it's so pretty ^^ i want to learn how to make my own pages bar x

    Rebekah x

  4. Uhh, I guess I sort of made it? ;o If you go under the "Template" tab in your blog settings, they have an option for you to edit the template of your blog. I just chose one of the free basic templates they provide for bloggers and customized it to my liking. The only thing I actually made was the banner, but if you go to my "Credits" page, you'll see that the floral print wasn't actually made by me LOL If you need more help, I'd be happy to assist you ; u ; Thank you for reading!

  5. I read your beauty blogger tag and haha we're barely the same :D I let my nail polish grow out too unlike other beauty bloggers! I always feel like a lazy ass compared to other beauty bloggers xD I like reading personal stuff from you! It's nice to know that we have much in common :33 I hate when my parents tell me to get ready in a few minutes too e.e I often look like a hobo then >o<
    Thanks for posting the beauty blogger tag too~ huehue :3

  6. LOL <3 It's alright ; u ; I'm just as lazy if not lazier u w u Thank you for reading~

  7. Thank you so much for your sweet comment to my blog!

    Well, actually I'm not a model...

    but I was so pleased to be said that!!!

    Have a great night...sweert dreams!!


  8. LOL You could be a model! Thank you for visiting <3

  9. lovely post! hahaha i love buying skincare too *_* especially those with pretty packaging *_* Looking forward to your upcoming posts ♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products like Dollywink, Diamond Beauty, etc! )

  10. I'm so glad I'm not the only procrastinator~ I'm like you. I don't like being told to leave my house spontaeneously. And on the face masks. I just bought a bunch and I'm sure I won't use them that often >.<

    I'm your new follower on GFC~~ I really love your blog so far~
    Possibly check out mine? I'm new in the blogging community~ >.<

  11. I relate so much to question 7 -_- I need an hour at least aha! But I can have three hours notice and still not be ready on time, I always think I have plenty of time to get ready then *bam* disaster strikes in the form of makeup on my top or something.

    I'm following you now on GFC, if you have a minute to drop by my blog I'd really appreciate it^-^ x

  12. Hi! sweetie! Love your blog :)
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  14. Okay! ^^ Thank you for reading~

  15. LOL I'm also really clumsy when it comes to pretty much everything e n e I'm the master of spilling things orz;; Thank you for reading, I'll be sure to stop by you're blog once I have the time!

  16. Aw, welcome! The beauty blogging community is extremely sweet so you'll have no problem fitting in! I'll be sure to check out your blog when I have the time ^^ Thank you for reading!

  17. Love your blog! Definitely following now, stay in touch xx

  18. Aww, you are so cute ;w; <3
    and 17 days isn't that bad, if I hadn't told myself to post at least once a week, I'd probably abandon my blog by now.
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  19. Great post! Good questions and answers.. Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx

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  22. L-LOLWAT thank you!! T u T And LOL I've abandoned my tumblr already e u e And sure! I'll be sure to check out your blog when I have the time. Thanks for visiting!

  23. Thanks Mindy ; u ; Annyeong to you too haha~

  24. hi hope to see more post from you

    i'm inviting you to join my first international giveaway

  25. Thanks for visiting and thank you for inviting me! ^^