Friday, December 26, 2014

Boston Trip (Pic-Heavy)

So I took a trip to Boston back in April, but I didn't have the chance to upload the photos I took until now. I don't remember much about my trip but I'll try to recollect everything I can ; n ;

My family and I went to Boston to follow my dad who needed to go there to attend a convention for math/science teachers. The trip was essentially free because the board payed for all the teachers attending so we could travel pretty much carefree <3

Day 1:
We stayed at the Seaport hotel. It was pretty fancy and I'm glad the math/science teachers' organization (?) picked it for the teachers to stay at.

Directly outside the second floor of our hotel was the bridge leading to the Seaport World Trade Center. Boston is actually so pretty and clean...I wish I lived in the city.
Seaport World Trade Center. We went in briefly to check in
Pho Bo Vien from Pho Hoa <3 I went here with my mom while my dad and brother went somewhere else because they're not a fan of Viet food lmao. I searched up the best pho place in Boston and got this place and it was okay I guess. I don't really know what constitutes a good pho but the pho here (which has over 200 reviews on Yelp...) tastes pretty much the same as the pho I get in the little town I live in (and it barely has 20 reviews on Yelp). If anything, I prefer my pho at home because it has larger servings for the same price. The noodles here were a little too soft for my taste but it was pretty good! The place is really small and busy so my mom and I had to share a small table with some was uncomfortable to say the least haha. We'll try a different place next time. If you know any good pho places in Boston let me know in the comments!
Pho Le and many other pho restaurants are in Chinatown of Boston. Like most Chinatowns of major cities, there's a beautiful arch at the entrance. Boston Chinatown really is tiny, though. It's only a few streets and the streets are super duper narrow. I guess Cali and NYC Chinatowns will always be the best!
The bay area is SO gorgeous
For dinner, the whole family went to The No Name Restaurant LOL. I'm not even kidding, that's its real name...
We visited the place a few years ago for a past business trip and remember how great the food was. This is a cup of seafood chowder which really wasn't as great as I remembered it to be. I remember a few years ago it tasting creamy and smooth but this is just watery? I don't know, I didn't really like it :x
We sat next to a couple who was also attending the math/science convention for teachers and found that they were retired teachers who now own a jewelry store. They use special stones to create astrology themed jewelry. I found it really cute and unique! All their jewelry is handmade so that's also special :) Here's their website for anyone who's interested.

Boston is so beautiful at night I swear to god ughhhhh
Day 2:
Good morning! This is the view from my hotel. It's not really much to look at, but at least we don't have the view of a wall to another building.
We went to Quincy Market which has a lot of little shops and a huge food court called Faneuil Hall. Here's some idiot tying himself upside down then wriggling out again to earn some dangerous x_x

At Faneuil Hall, I tried some chicken pad thai at Bangkok Express for the first time. I don't know if it's just this pad thai but it tasted like sugar noodles. Uh. I'm usually one who loves sweet and savory foods, but this just didn't appeal to me. Like REALLY did not appeal to me. I hate wasting food and usually can force myself to finish something to avoid throwing it out, but I took a few bites of this and had to dump it...I felt really bad :/ I plan on trying pad thai again at a better place though!
This crab cake in a clam shell my mom got was really good though! I'm not sure where she bought it from, though.
My dad got this pie of "World Famous" sausage and peppers Regina Pizza. While my family loved it, I just thought it was okay. I felt like a greasebomb was going down my throat when I ate it haha
Why can't my town be as pretty as Boston

I can't get enough of this gorgeous architecture Jesus christ

We chose the trolley as our transportation which was really cute on the exterior and interior. The driver was also very down to earth as he told us some stories of his life while driving us around ; u ; <3
This fruit tart from a Chinatown bakery (forgot the name oops) was the bomb! Fruit tart is one of my favorite desserts.
Korean-Chinese style fried rice at some restaurant I don't remember the name of u_u;;
Tangsooyook: sweet and sour pork
Jjajjangmyun (Korean zha jiang mian): noodles in black bean sauce
Jjampong: spicy seafood noodle soup
I'm not really a fan of Korean-Chinese food in general so the food was just okay for me.
Day 3:
Good morning again! The view from the hotel isn't so bad after all. But then, a sunrise does make everything a lot prettier than it really is.

Going home on the plane. Here's some bird's eye view shots:
So peaceful u w u <3

I think I talked about food too much LOL. This was a really lengthy and overdue post but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless. Thank you for reading everyone!


  1. you pictures of your trip to boston are gorgeous, and don't worry, food adventures are the best adventures! :)
    (that picture of the pizza made me lose it-- i need to try it one of these days)

  2. omg finally your first post hehe ♥ You did talk alot about food but everything looks so nice except the seafood chowder tbh LOL. The buildings look so nice too.. Everything look totally different from where I live haha~I missed reading your blog, Sarah ♥

    Also, I'm inviting you to my giveaway (if you even want to enter lol)Enter my giveaway here♥

  3. ohhh always intresting eread about somebody's trips! Thanks for sharing~
    follow back~ My new post♥

  4. Hey! Great Post! It's been a long while since I last visited! :)

    How have you been??

  5. Great photos! Looks like you had a great time, makes me want to visit there.

  6. ooo vintage!
    the food looks delish, omg lobster ;A;
    Probably had a good experience to cherish