Monday, August 26, 2013

Review: Etude House Dear My Essence in Lips Talk EOR201

Hello dears! (Yes, that was intentional LOL)
First, thank you to all who have joined my first giveaway! I've emailed the winner, but she isn't replying o A o!! Remember to check your inbox, or I will have no choice but to pick another winner ; n ; Anyways...

Today I have a review of a relatively new product from Etude House, Etude House Dear My Essence in Lips Talk EOR201.

This is one of the first Etude House products I purchased on my trip to Korea. Here are some official pictures!

Enriched with Meadowfoam Seed Oil, this ultra-conditioning Essence in Lipstick melts into lips with luscious color and brilliant shine, leaving your lips smooth, moisturized and soft.

9,000₩ ($8 USD) at Etude House
Cheapest at $8 on Jolse

♥ Cute, sturdy packaging
♥ Smells like peaches
♥ Pigmented
♥ Creamy and moisturizing
♥ Cheap
♥ Wide variety of colors to choose from

★ Can not twist stick back down
★ Fades quickly
★ Extremely easy to smudge
★ Feels like cheap material

The packaging is a standard plastic tube. It is 11.5 cm long, 1.25 cm in diameter, and weighs 2g.

Not sure if this is some kind of motto of Etude House, or if it's the name of the color (since it's so weird LMAO), but the translation of the hangul under EOR201 is "Keep Repeating Coral" ...what.

When you purchase it, of course the stick is going to be completely flat and smooth, but I applied it so there are some cracks on the stick now ; u ; The color in real life looks exactly the color in the photo above (unless you have some weird brightness/contrast/hue settings on your screen) and does not look anything look the color in the official photo LOL.

The above swatch only has one "coat". I would've taken more pictures of coats, but it doesn't seem to be build-able. I guess it kind of was, but there wasn't enough of a difference to tell.
As you can see, the color is a really sheer and glossy coral. You can't really tell by the photo, but there are some sparkles incorporated into it (I swear, EVERY Etude House product has sparkles in it like I'm not even exaggerating.) The color is a beautifully perfect mix of pink and orange. I strongly believe that the official picture for EOR201, is really misleading as the color isn't as creamy, opaque, and bold as they make it seem. It's a really wearable natural color.

Here is the scanned box.

I'm not even sure what to call this product. A lipstick, a lip tint? It feels like a really cheap lip crayon LMAO. Though it is moisturizing, it feels like it's made out of really bad quality products.

Have you ever bought a lipstick from the dollar store or some cheapo place out of curiosity? Or maybe, have you been blessed as a child to be given those "super cool" cellphone makeup toys? Then you know that awkward vaseline like feeling those lip products give, that soon dry into a painfully ugly crust on your lips...this product is like that except in cute packaging soitsslightlymoreacceptableImeanwhat

While applying this onto my lips, the crayon slightly crumbled off into tiny bits (not dry crumbles). It crumbled off on my lips, to the sides of the tube, just ugh. I really don't like the feeling of this on my lips! It's such a shame since they're such pretty colors!

Upon application, it's really creamy and smooth (again, like vaseline lip balm or whatever). The product doesn't "absorb" into your lips, but instead kinda sits on top...if you wipe your mouth with a napkin or something, ALL of the product will slide off -.-; You guys probably don't even know how much your lips get touched, so I'm going to estimate the lasting power to be around an hour (probably less LMAO).

On my naturally pigmented lips, it doesn't show up coral, it shows up like my natural lip color except darker and glossier. If you have naturally pale, unpigmented lips, it'll probably look closer to the original color on you.

Excuse my face fuzz *gags*

My camera doesn't seem to execute the color very well (because my lips are darker after application in real life) But at least you can see that the sparkles don't show up on your lips!

Like any other lip product, remember to exfoliate and apply lip balm before application! This specific product accentuates your flakes and that's just gross LOL.

Overall, I give Etude House Dear My Essence in Lips Talk a ★★★☆☆ 3/5 stars.

The pigmentation is high, but the texture and lasting power is so low. It's nice for school and carrying around in your purse as it gives a natural color and the same shine as lip gloss without the stickiness. Would I repurchase this? N-O.

Well, thank you for reading! Hope you have a wonderful day~ xoxo


  1. The packaging is incredibly cute, wow. OTT cute, even.
    But I guess a lot of markets that want to reach a feminine audience get that way.
    The "Keep Repeating Coral" name is odd. I don't… really get it, you know!

    You can sort of see the shimmer from the sparkles in the photo.
    Or so I would like to think, but it could just be the incredible glossiness to it too.

    The product itself seems like nothing more than a gloss.
    Or a moisturizing lip gloss. I can't really say it's too much of a lip tint.
    Looking at it, it just… it looks like a sheen.

    I guess it looks nice for a sort of nude, basic look, you know.
    But if it feels cheap, then man oh man, that's no good at all.

  2. "Keep Repeating Coral" lol xD The colors do look pretty in the pictures (don't they always? lol) but the crumbling... O.o

  3. It looked really cute and I totally want to try it just to see ^.^ thank you so much for the review :)

  4. Aww~ the product looks really cute~ It doesn't seem to have made a big difference to your lips, but the subtlety is pretty ~ Thanks for the review!

  5. Aww it's a shame about the lasting power. I was thinking for a long time about buying one of Etude House's lip colors too actually so this came in handy.

  6. i like the color but i dont want it sliding off when i drink/eat :3 think i will pass on this product! thanks for the review ^^

  7. When I pulled this out while hanging out with friends yesterday, they all started squealing and going "omg THATS SO CUTE where'd you get it?!?" LMAO And the "sparkles" in the photo aren't sparkles ; u ; They're the scales(?) of my skin reflecting light LOL. Thank you for reading!

  8. Yeah...don't trust me too much on the translation! It could mean something completely different, but I'm pretty sure it's Keep Repeating Coral... e u e But yeah, the color is so pretty! I wish it didn't crumble though ; u ; Thank you for reading!

  9. this reminds me of my skinfood vita tok lipstick
    my lips crack every 3 days so yea not for me ;;;
    thanks for the review!! c:

    mind checking my blog <3

  10. Tell me which color you'd get if you decided to try it! Thanks for reading <3

  11. It will probably make a bigger difference on someone else's lips as everyone's natural lip color is different ; u ; Mine just happened to be very close to this shade. Thanks for reading!

  12. You might have a better chance with the more popular lip products like Dear My Jelly Lips Talk. There's a reason why bad products don't get a lot of publicity! (Like this one LOLOL) Thanks for reading <3

  13. I think you'd be better off with Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick. While in Korea, I watched a lot of Get It Beauty, and I remember seeing Eugene rubbing her lips, and none of the product rubbing off! Thank you for reading!

  14. Ooh, is the Skinfood lipstick any good? Or does it remind you of it because they're both bad quality? LOL Thank you for reading~

  15. Oh looks really sheer on your lips! It's quite popular amongs bloggers though.. you have such cute lip shape :3

  16. You can't see a big different on the without/with picture but I must admit it does give you that cute shine like you applied lip gloss hah~ Your lip shape looks really nice on the lip photo *^* But I think I will have to pass this product too because I don't like those cheap toy lipsticks Lol Can you recommend any nice liptint/gloss or stick which will make my lips looks lighter in pink or coral and is nice for school? :D


  17. Hi Mindy!! I haven't really tried out many, but I think Lioele's Bubi Bubi Tint Balm in Watermelon looks super pretty! Also, Espoir's Lipstick No Wear Touch in Dreaming Breeze is pretty as well! If you want something that lasts really long, try Innisfree's Creamy Tint Lipstick in Dandelion Flower. Thank you for reading <3

  18. Ah, I didn't know this was popular among bloggers! ;o But thank you LMAO I think my lip shape is quite gross and unproportionatal to my huge face, but thank you for reading!