Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sponsored Review (Jolse): Aegyosal ft. Holika Holika Jewel Light Under Maker #01

Hi guys!! 
Today I'll be doing a review on the Holika Holika Jewel Light Under Maker in #01 Plumping White!

This was kindly sponsored by Jolse, which is I think my favorite cosmetics shop EVER because of how many products there are, the cheap prices, constant sales/discounts, free samples, and not to mention: 


*screams silently*

 I really apologize to JiEun-ee unnie for this being so late as I was supposed to receive my package more than a month ago, but my local post office messed things up :x I only just received my package yesterday so screw you post office people!! T n T

Well, onto the review! Here are some official pictures:

$10 at Jolse

♥ Cheap
♥ Super high quality
♥ Natural looking
♥ Easy to use
♥ Cute packaging
♥ Water-proof
♥ Long lasting

Nothing? ; u ;

The 14.5 cm long tube comes in a plastic cover with a cardboard piece of information. The volume is 0.2g x 1.4g. The shading side has a diameter of 0.5 cm, which widens to 1 cm at the plumping side.

I am VERY much in love with this packaging! It's quite clean, sophisticated with a touch of playful girliness. The plastic used to make the tube doesn't seem cheap at all, as it is sturdy, and (this is gonna sound weird) I like how the caps to each end of the stick click back in place! (It just feels satisfying is all > u >...) To get more product out of the tube, you just twist the ends and it screws back up and down ; u ;

Here is the cardboard information sheet. As you can see, there are some instructions on how to use this in Korean. If you don't know how to read Hangul, it's ok, because the pictures are self-explanatory LMAO.

"Step 1: Shadow liner"

When you first open up the tube, it will be all nice and sharpened like this!

This is the whole shading stick, you will get around 2.25 cm of product.

"Step 2: Plumping liner"

This end of the stick is quite thick and chubby, it's shaped into a perfect curve and isn't pointy at all.

The whole plumping stick is 3 cm.

As you can see from the swatch, the brown has a yellow undertone, which is perfect for Asians with yellow undertones. The color really reminds me of a light curry (LOL) as it's quite yellow. When applied, the stick glided on so smoothly, that it would probably be smushed if you put too much pressure on it. I really love the smooth consistency of it! Super high quality! The color is also very opaque and pigmented, so it's not like eyebrow pencils where the first swipe is like nonexistent, and you need to keep swiping to build up the color you desire.
The white swatch is semi pearly, but it's nothing flamboyant. I'd say that it's not matte but it's not sparkly either. It's like, matte with a hint of glitter? It's hard to describe, but the color is the same as the color on the model's eyes (at least for the white shade). This is also quite opaque and glides on nicely.

Overall, I give Holika Holika Jewel Light Under Maker a ★★★★☆ 4/5 stars!

The pigmentation and the texture is soo nice~ At first, I was like WTF at how yellow the shading stick is, but if you already have some natural aegyo sal, then it will blend in really naturally! Creating or accentuating your aegyo sal with this product is really natural, but if you want the wild "I just got fillers" look, then that's do-able too! Totally recommend this to everyone who want to complete their "ulzzang" look.

I realize that this post was one of my longer posts, so I apologize for rambling on! Btw, do you like my eye makeup in this post? If so, please comment down below if you'd like a tutorial. It's my eye makeup for school ^ u ^

Thank you for reading and have a great day! xoxo


  1. This looks soo interesting. I'd have to try to find something similar that's a little darker to match my skin, but I love the way it looks on you. Also I love sites with free shipping and no minimum purchase amount. Definitely bookmarking this one!

    xx Alexis

  2. omg the eyeliner looks so thin and precise! it looks pretty on you ^_^

  3. Hi Alexy! You can definitely re-create aegyosal without an aegyosal maker. All you need is a pearly/shimmery eye stick a few shades lighter than your skintone, and a neutral matte liner pencil a few shades darker than your skintone. May I suggest Clinique's Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes and Rimmel London's ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Liner? Both are easily findable and are very affordable! If you want, I can create a more in-depth tutorial on how to recreate this look. Thanks for reading <3

  4. LOL You could probably use it as a regular eyeliner, too. Thank you so much! And thank you for reading ; u ;

  5. keke~ Thank you for the review I'm thinking about buying this as well!

  6. cute as always >,< <3

  7. You definitely should! Please support Jolse by purchasing from their website ^ u ^ They have free shipping and samples too~ Thank you for reading!

  8. Aw, thank you Ariisa! But you're always the cutest ; u ; <3 Thank you for visiting~

  9. I like this 'aegyosal-maker' a lot even more than the one by etude because I think it looks better ; u ; but the curry liner looks so harsh like an eyeliner line ? Do you have to blend it with your hands ? And I just noticed that everyone is getting sponsored by Jolse here LOL
    Thanks for the review, Ga Eul! And YEs, please do a tutorial on your school make up it looks so natural heh~


  10. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but... what is "aegyo sal"? > <

    Super cute liners btw! It looks soft and natural on you and yes, I'd love to see your everyday make-up! :D

    Going to Jolse's site to check out their stuff!

    Lucy Hart <3

  11. Ohh! This product looks really promising~ It reminds me of Etude House's Dear Girls Cute Eye Maker~ But this product looks slightly better~ x3 I should try it out! Thanks for the review!

  12. Yeah, I think so too! While looking around Jolse's website, I saw the Etude House Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker too but I really HATED the idea of a sponge applicator...not even sure what they were thinking because a lot of bacteria gets trapped in the sponge, you can't even take off the sponge to clean it, and if you try to clean the sponge, then water will get inside the product and ruin everything >: Plus, drawing the aegyosal shadow won't be precise and will end up looking like dark eyebags T n T As for the curry liner (LOL) I don't really think it's harsh as long as you blend out the ends of the lines with your fingers. Glad you liked my review, thanks for visiting Mindy! <3

  13. Hi! Aegyosal (you might also know it as youthlites, love bands, smile lines, etc.) are the fat under your eyes. I think the whole obsession started in Korea, but it has now spread to Japan, China, and other parts of Asia. Aegyosal is really popular because it makes your eyes look bigger, your face smaller, and you look younger and happier too! Don't mix aegyosal with dark eyebags though because dark eyebags are well, dark (LOL) and aegyosal is the color of your skin. It's easy to locate if you look in the mirror and smile or squint. You may already have it without smiling or squinting as everyone's aegyosal is different. I've attached a picture of the difference between eyebags and aegyosal, and a picture of women with and without aegyosal. Hope this helps! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask! Thank you for visiting ^ u ^ <3

  14. I haven't tried Etude House's Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker so I can't tell you for sure which one is better, but I have a hunch this is better as it gives you more precision. Just my opinion though! Thank you for reading~ <3

  15. I would love to get this, I can never get aegyosal right, especially since I don't have a concealer and I use eyeshadow TT.TT.

  16. Oh this looks much better than the one from Etude house! The shading end on this one is much smaller and precise! And it looks MUCH more pigmented too! ahh I regret getting that one now lol =.= Thanks for the review!

  17. Aw >: You can also use an eyeliner a few shades darker than your skin to create the shadow of the aegyosal, but remember to make very light strokes so it doesn't look too harsh ^ u ^ Then you can use a light pearly eyeshadow and dab it on the parts where you want your aegyosal to be. You definitely don't need to buy this product or any of the products that are specifically made for aegyosal, but they definitely are handy and convenient! Thank you for reading <3

  18. LMAO I'm not really a fan of Etude House's products so I purposely steered clear of their aegyosal maker > u >;; Thank you for reading, Chee <3

  19. Thanks for the tips ^^

  20. I've never heard of something like this before!! It makes me want to try it, so much less work than having to emphasize your own aeygosal u_u I'm not a big fan of how shimmery the "plumping liner" is though.... Thanks for the review, I want to check it out now!

  21. You look so pretty! I love how you can just twist it for more product because sometimes having to keep sharpening liners can get quite annoying and time consuming :)
    New follower hehe! ~

  22. It makes your eyes so much more "aegyo" ! I'd love to check it out one day. :)

  23. You are so cute and pretty :) Nice review and my sister's also born in the year of the rabibt and I have a rabbit too <3 I really like all your posts and I want to be friends with you :D Just followed you~~ Please check out my blog too if you have time :D

  24. I had this one too but I didn't like it because of how fat the white one was :( I ended up giving it to my sister because the red-brown was the exact color of her hair so she used it as an eyebrow pencil. I wish there was a way to shave it down a little more and then I think it would've been better. It looks cute on you though, you have just the right face =)

  25. Wow so beautiful :))

  26. The plumping liner is surprisingly really matte! I find that when I use this, my aegyosal look really natural ; u ; Thank you for reading <3

  27. Aw, thank you so much <3 The twisting function is useful, however the brown liner gets dull easily which I find to be annoying >: Thanks for following and reading!! <3

  28. Haha yup~ Thank you for reading <3

  29. Aw how sweet of you! / A \ I'd be happy to friends with you. Shoot me an e-mail at if you'd like to talk <3 Thank you so much for following dear <3

  30. Wow your sister's hair color is incredibly beautiful * o * Such a shame you couldn't use the liner, though >: I find it to be really useful. Thank you so much for reading!